Lifelong Learning: A Pathway to Longevity

There are numerous studies, including one from National Health Institute (NIH), that have consistently demonstrated that individuals with higher levels of education live longer and healthier lives. In addition to educational attainment, a commitment to lifelong learning is a key component. Buy why? The Link Between Education and Longevity 1. Health Literacy: Education equips individualsContinue reading “Lifelong Learning: A Pathway to Longevity”

Reconnecting with Life-Long Friends

By Sean Flynn “When was the last time we saw each other?…” “Remember when we….”   “It is so good to hear your voice…” If you find yourself sharing these or related sentiments, it’s a pretty good sign that you are reconnecting with a friend. These are the rewards for reaching out unprompted to a goodContinue reading “Reconnecting with Life-Long Friends”

Hack Aging with Tiny Habits

Aging is a gradual process marked by subtle daily changes that often go unnoticed. It’s common, yet incorrect, for people to assume that they will always be capable of performing even the simplest tasks without difficulty. To counteract this decline, the concept of “Tiny Habits,” popularized by BJ Fogg, offers a powerful approach to buildingContinue reading “Hack Aging with Tiny Habits”

Healthier Habits, Happier Life

By Stella Taylor Bergan, Health and Human Performance Coach A couple of months back, I wrote a compelling Facebook post about the benefits of cleaning up daily habits, and it was a hit leaving friends clamoring for more. My post started like this:  OK, here is the truth – you want to live longer – cleanContinue reading “Healthier Habits, Happier Life”

Seven Predictors of Longevity Within Your Control

It’s a wrap. We’re excited to share that Big Retired Life’s “Top Priorities” section now features a comprehensive series on the seven predictors of longevity that are within your control. This series is based on findings from Harvard’s Study of Adult Development and provides actionable tips to help you incorporate them into your life. WhetherContinue reading “Seven Predictors of Longevity Within Your Control”

Breathe Easy

You’ve heard the phrase ‘smoking kills’ one too many times, but it’s true. Non-smokers live longer and healthier lives. Actually, not smoking is one of the seven dominant predictors of successful aging within some personal control. But it’s not just cigarettes: vaping, smoking marijuana, and even exercising in poor air quality can all have detrimentalContinue reading “Breathe Easy”

Maintaining a Healthy Body Weight

By Stella Taylor Bergan, Health and Human Performance Coach Maintaining a healthy body weight after retirement is an important concern for many people as they enter a new phase of life. As daily schedules change, you may or may not spend more time engaging in habits to keep mentally and physically at your best. HealthyContinue reading “Maintaining a Healthy Body Weight”

A Workout Program Designed for Longevity

“If exercise could be packaged in a pill, it would be the single most widely prescribed and beneficial medicine in the nation.” This quote, attributed to Robert Butler of the National Institute on Aging, reinforces the benefits of exercise as one of seven dominant predictors of successful aging that’s within your control. Yet, with myriadContinue reading “A Workout Program Designed for Longevity”

Coping Skills Lead to Better Health and Longer Life

Data show that how you respond to life’s ups and downs can predict long-term health. Your response, known as a defense or coping mechanism, is a skill you can develop. Learn the benefits of mature defense mechanisms as well as seven ways to strengthen them.  Dr. George Vaillant, former director of Harvard’s Study of AdultContinue reading “Coping Skills Lead to Better Health and Longer Life”

The Hard Truth About Alcohol and Aging

Falling into heavy drinking or even alcoholism is a real problem during retirement, no matter how much you may welcome that final workday. So before you pour that glass of wine or savor that martini, here’s some information you should know. A 2017 JAMA Psychiatry article released the results from the National Epidemiologic Survey onContinue reading “The Hard Truth About Alcohol and Aging”

Cultivate Your Social Power

There are seven dominant predictors of successful aging that are within our control, with stable long-term relationships being the single most important one. This finding was proven by the 80-year plus longitudinal Harvard Study of Adult Development that tracked 268 Harvard students and 465 disadvantaged boys from Boston. Robert Waldinger, the study’s fourth director, presented itsContinue reading “Cultivate Your Social Power”

The Power of Purpose

Everyone hopes for a happy, healthy retirement. But how, exactly, do you start on this path — especially when you may have 30-plus years to fill with … what? That will likely be the first major question even for the best-planned, long-anticipated retirements. Then there are the traps and quagmires — including depression, alcohol abuse,Continue reading “The Power of Purpose”