Four Ways to Travel Alone

That’s a wrap! Our four-piece series on ways to travel alone is complete. While retirement is often seen as a time to travel, many people put off those dreams simply because they don’t want to travel by themselves. We’ve broken down four ways to embrace solo travel and explore the world. Discover what option worksContinue reading “Four Ways to Travel Alone”

Take a Modern Pilgrimage

By Josie Bryan For thousands of years, individuals have embarked on walking pilgrimages around the world. While traditionally a religious experience, pilgrimages offer a unique travel opportunity to clear your mind, move your body, and feed your soul. According to Adventure and Spiritual Restoration: Older Adult Motivations for Undertaking a Pilgrimage on El Camino deContinue reading “Take a Modern Pilgrimage”

Group Travel: Ideal for Solo Agers

Second in a Series We all know it can be scary to think of traveling alone even when you want to step outside of your comfort zone and gain new experiences.  If you read our recent post, Solo Travel, and thought, “No way––that’s not for me!”, then we have a few other ideas for you.Continue reading “Group Travel: Ideal for Solo Agers”

Advice For Widows From Widows

Losing a spouse or life partner can be one of the hardest experiences a person can go through. For everyone in a long-term relationship, the reality is that one partner will pass away at some point, and the other will need to continue on alone. It’s important for both partners to acknowledge and prepare. It’sContinue reading “Advice For Widows From Widows”

Who rescued who?

If you have a dog, there’s a chance you rescued them from a shelter. As your dog benefits from your care, did you know they’re also helping you? There are myriad health advantages of dog ownership. The most compelling being a 2019 Journal of Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes meta-analysis that showed dog ownership wasContinue reading “Who rescued who?”

Going It Alone Through the Holidays

It can be hard to be alone during the holidays. Although conventions say the holidays are a time to focus on others, for some, it might be the time of year to take special care of yourself. You can embody the spirit of the holiday season with gratitude, connection, happiness, and generosity, by spending timeContinue reading “Going It Alone Through the Holidays”

Solo Agers: Safeguard Your Future

By Carol Marak Caring for my parents was a wake-up call. It required a massive effort involving three siblings and professionals. The same care could someday be needed for me–only I would not have a family to step up. I’m a solo ager, also known as an Elder Orphan. Whether by choice or circumstance, soloContinue reading “Solo Agers: Safeguard Your Future”

Managing Grief

Grief is the deep pain associated with the loss of something or someone important. We all know who the “someones” are in our lives. But the somethings — well, those can include youth, marriage, material possessions, future dreams. All of which can make grief an extremely personal and lonely process.  Understanding how to manage griefContinue reading “Managing Grief”

Cultivate Your Social Power

There are seven dominant predictors of successful aging that are within our control, with stable long-term relationships being the single most important one. This finding was proven by the 80-year plus longitudinal Harvard Study of Adult Development that tracked 268 Harvard students and 465 disadvantaged boys from Boston. Robert Waldinger, the study’s fourth director, presented itsContinue reading “Cultivate Your Social Power”