Four Ways to Travel Alone

That’s a wrap! Our four-piece series on ways to travel alone is complete. While retirement is often seen as a time to travel, many people put off those dreams simply because they don’t want to travel by themselves. We’ve broken down four ways to embrace solo travel and explore the world. Discover what option works best for you: 

Solo Travel: If you are contemplating traveling alone, here’s a little encouragement. Solo travel is both freeing and rewarding. Embrace the adventure and follow the 10 steps we’ve outlined to make your trip a success. 

Group Travel:  Looking for the perfect combination of traveling as a solo participant while being surrounded by fellow travelers. Book a group travel excursion through a travel operator to any destination you choose. We recommend 3 top-rated travel operators for you to consider.

Reconnection Tour: If you are interested in traveling while catching up with friends and family around the world, a reconnection tour is a great opportunity to explore new places and reunite. This type of travel provides both adventure and human connection. 

Modern Pilgrimage: An opportunity to self-reflect, move your body, and experience local cultures abroad. While you may be walking alone, you’ll be traveling alongside others on the same paths where many before you have walked and transformed. Plus, there are countless benefits for your overall well-being.

Throughout this “Going It Alone” section of this blog, we will share learnings from others navigating retirement alone, so that you don’t have to do it all alone.

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