Seven Predictors of Longevity Within Your Control

It’s a wrap. We’re excited to share that Big Retired Life’s “Top Priorities” section now features a comprehensive series on the seven predictors of longevity that are within your control. This series is based on findings from Harvard’s Study of Adult Development and provides actionable tips to help you incorporate them into your life. Whether you choose to address all seven or simply start with the most important one, our prioritized list can guide you in the right direction. Check out each post and take the first step towards a healthier and longer life.

  1. Close relations and social connections – read Cultivate your social power
  2. Don’t smoke or vape – read Breathe easy
  3. Exercise – read A workout designed for longevity
  4. Have a purpose beyond yourself – read The power of purpose
  5. Maintain a healthy body weight
  6. Moderate alcohol consumption – read The hard truth about alcohol and aging
  7. Cope with stress – read Positive coping skills lead to better health and longer life

Throughout the “Top Priorities” section of this blog, we will provide data-backed insights for a long, active retirement.

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