College Decision Season

By Hollis Bischoff, Senior College Admissions Advisor Helping Your Child Choose Their New Home For the Next Four Years (aka Choosing a College) Last fall, your child eagerly pushed the apply button for their curated list of colleges, and the last few months have been a rollercoaster of ups (acceptances) and downs (denials, deferrals, andContinue reading “College Decision Season”

Embrace Your Sports Fandom

By Bill Onderdonk I remember taking my then 5-year-old daughter to her first San Francisco Giants game in 2010. I was there with my father-in-law, a lifelong Giants fan. When Pablo Sandavol, aka Panda, hit a grand slam, my daughter excitedly exclaimed, “I’m a lucky charm!” The 2010 season ended with the Giants winning theContinue reading “Embrace Your Sports Fandom”

Passing Down Family Recipes

By Diana Sunshine Every Thanksgiving, I love listening to NPR’s Susan Stamberg share Mama Stamberg’s zesty cranberry relish. She claims it’s Pepto-Bismol pink, and although it sounds terrible, it’s incredibly delicious. Susan has shared it with thousands of listeners and the recipe lives on. Recipes are passed down generation to generation, many of them unwritten.Continue reading “Passing Down Family Recipes”

Four Easy Covid + Cold Home Remedies

Winter is coming. Last week, NPR reported there will be a spike in Covid cases this winter, and The New York Times published tips on holiday planning to mitigate Covid risk without missing out on the fun. Even with thorough preventive measures, you or a loved one may still get Covid or a common cold.Continue reading “Four Easy Covid + Cold Home Remedies”

Tips on Making Family-Time More Enjoyable

After two years of a global pandemic, many of us have a newfound recognition of the importance of relationships, especially family relationships. Retirement means you can be the organizing force to foster these relationships.  For many, that means getting your immediate family — your parents, your children, and their families — together for special occasions,Continue reading “Tips on Making Family-Time More Enjoyable”

Join the Club: The Club Sandwich

The Sandwich Generation has evolved into a Club Sandwich. The previous definition described a demographic that was sandwiched between raising growing children and caring for aging parents. The Club Sandwich layers on another generation: helping to care for grandchildren.     Upon retirement, when you finally feel like you can take time to pursue your passionsContinue reading “Join the Club: The Club Sandwich”