Try Yoga: Finding Your Practice

By Josie Bryan The time of year has rolled around when you might be thinking about trying a new way to stay active as the start of fall nears. Whether you have participated in various yoga classes over the years or have only dappled, consistent yoga practice is beneficial for your overall well-being.  It isContinue reading “Try Yoga: Finding Your Practice”

Try Mountain Biking

Looking for a fantastic way to soak up the great outdoors and revel in nature’s beauty? Mountain biking is just the activity leaving you feeling invigorated and accomplished with numerous benefits. It’s a safer endeavor compared with road riding with cleaner air to breathe where you don’t have to worry about cars on paths, trails,Continue reading “Try Mountain Biking”

Try Strength Training

As winter rages on across the United States, it can be hard to maintain a regular exercise routine. From the west coast’s record-breaking snow and rain to the ice storms in the midwest and Nor’easters on the east coast, outdoor activities, even winter ones, may not be an option. However, there’s a solution: indoor bodyweightContinue reading “Try Strength Training”

Try Bouldering at a Climbing Gym

A great all-weather activity to add to your workout routine is indoor bouldering. All the necessary gear is available at your local climbing gym, and with nearly 600 climbing gyms across the country, it’s easy to find one close by. Climbers invented bouldering to practice difficult moves close to the ground safely. Since no ropesContinue reading “Try Bouldering at a Climbing Gym”

Try Backpacking – Just Say Yes!

If you are an avid walker or day hiker, backpacking is a great way to turn that passion into a full-blown adventure. And there’s no better time to try something new than during retirement. In fact, studies show that being outdoors is highly beneficial to everyone and especially to older adults. According to the U.S.Continue reading “Try Backpacking – Just Say Yes!”

Build an Active Mindset and Life

Physical activity is key to a long and healthy life, and yet, a significant percent of the adult population doesn’t exercise.  The New York Times, in a May 12, 2021 article by Gretchen Reynolds, noted “We already have plenty of evidence that exercise affects how long and well we live … studies show that olderContinue reading “Build an Active Mindset and Life”