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For most people, college was the best years of their life. Are you ready to relive that excitement and vibrancy in your retirement years? Well, you’re in luck because the concept of University-Based Retirement Communities (UBRCs) is growing, offering a retirement lifestyle that’s anything but ordinary. Think: you can now retire to college. With over 100 college campuses across the country embracing this trend, you may be able to retire to your alma mater or one similar. UBRCs are becoming a solid choice for seniors seeking an enriching, diverse, and dynamic retirement experience.

In 2021, The Villages, a sprawling retirement community in Florida, held the title of the fastest-growing U.S. metro region. With this growth, it’s worth noting that The Villages has a strikingly homogenous population, with 98% of its residents being white and 86% of them over 65. Moreover, their educational backgrounds and political leanings tend to be quite similar. If living in a community that lacks diversity sounds unappealing, then UBRCs might be the refreshing change you’re seeking. UBRCs combine the vibrancy of a university campus with the services and amenities of a retirement community.

Like traditional retirement communities, UBRCs have high-quality housing. Just because a UBRC is affiliated with a university, you will not be living in a dorm or on a frat row. UBRCs also offer dining, social, and recreation activities as well as step-up services and skilled nursing when needed.  

So, what makes University-based retirement communities so enticing? Let’s dive into their unique benefits (Please note that each UBRC is unique—do your research to make sure the one you select has all these benefits):

Opportunity for Lifelong Learning: One of the most exciting aspects of UBRCs is the chance to continue your education. Whether you want to explore new interests, take classes just for fun, or pursue another degree, universities within these communities offer academic options. Residents can attend lectures, engage in stimulating discussions, and expand their knowledge horizon. Lifelong learning is a strong antidote to dementia

World-Class Health and Medical Services: Many universities boast leading medical schools and cutting-edge research facilities right on campus. This means you’ll have access to top-tier healthcare services, ensuring those critical resources are available for your health and wellness as you age.

Sporting Enthusiasm: Were you a sports fan during your college days? Well, you can continue that tradition in a UBRC! University of Texas, UCLA, University of Michigan, Duke and ASU are among those universities that have UBRC affiliations and a storied sports tradition. Don your school colors and root for your favorite team at home games.

Fitness and Recreation Facilities: Universities are often equipped with state-of-the-art recreation centers and fitness classes, allowing you to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. From swimming pools to fitness studios, you’ll have everything you need to stay fit––a predictor for longevity. 

Cultural Immersion: Many universities offer a front-row seat to the thriving cultural scene. Enjoy guest lectures from renowned scholars, explore museums brimming with art and history, and attend captivating arts performances—all within your community.

In essence, University-based retirement communities offer a kaleidoscope of opportunities and experiences, rekindling the excitement and vibrancy of your college years. It’s a chance to relish lifelong learning, maintain your health and wellness, and immerse yourself in a diverse and dynamic community—all on a stunning college campus. So, why settle for a conventional retirement when you can embark on an extraordinary journey back to college? Get ready to savor the best years of your life, all over again.

Throughout the “The Nuts and Bolts” section of this blog, we will introduce you to the practical needs in retirement. 

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